Sunday, March 23, 2008


Many years ago I got into wood carving (my dad carved for many years, now he does bronze... you can see his work at and also at edgewood orchard gallery . My brother is also a carver now and his work is also at Edgewood. You can see his work here: Chris's work).

Anyway, I had to quit carving for various reasons, one of which was that I kept getting sick with bronchitis from the dust, as controlled as it was. So, to be able to sculpt again with polymer is just so exciting, I cannot tell you how wonderful this is!

These little guys are my first sculpture that I've done with clay, and I'm in love with them! They are perched on our mantle. As corny as it sounds, they bring such life to the room! As much as I'd like to keep them, and a few other things I've made over the years, I've been taught by my folks that it is best to sell what you make, if you can. If you start keeping things, well... just isn't good. So I've taken that to heart and it works for me. Everything I make leaves, and it's very satisfying to me to think of my things being all over the country and the world! My favorite thing is to go to yahoomaps and plug in an address of a buyer of one of my pieces and see where it is. How cool is that!?


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Molly's 14!

My oldest daughter is 14 today! Such a cliche', but it's so hard to believe. I keep thinking in two years..... well you know! DRIVING! EEK!

If you asked me if I had any regrets in regards to mothering... the first thing I'd say is that I regret "allowing" her to suck her thumb at night until she was 7! I would have at least TRIED to help her stop. Would have saved us $5000 on braces. Admittedly, I am not a strict mother, but that is one thing that I do regret.

Anyone else have any mothering regrets they want to share? :)


Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Watch the video! My daughter, Molly, will add each name to the bowl, then at the end she will pick the winner. Thanks everyone for posting! This was a blast! I'll definitely do this more often.
P.S. She is wearing her dad's CocaCola pants, hehe (:



I will be drawing names from the 17 people who responded to the "free pendant" post this evening! If anyone new catches this before then, I will add your name to the list as well.

Happy day!