Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

I love really arty design blogs that show us cool stuff.  So that's what I'm gonna do today.  Show you stuff I love, and hopefully you think it's cool, too.

 Way cool, right off the bat.  Don't ya think?  Available here.

Clevergirl... need I say more?

Oh dear.  I'm so glad I never have to go through this again.  Find this funny first date print here

My carpal tunnel is killing me.  More on that another day.  
Don't forget to post in the two GIVE-AWAY blogs a few posts before this one!!!  Still time!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Growing up

Molly is going to be 16 next month.  The last 16 years... they just flew by. 

It's bittersweet, this person I see...

the one that leaves in the morning IN A CAR driven by her best friend. 

the one who goes to work bussing tables at a local diner every Sunday morning. 

the one who works so hard in school. 

the one who has the most awesome friends.

the one who sticks up for those who need it, who isn't afraid to do what's right, who loves life.

the one who's kept herself pure... no drinking, no drugs...  in this world, that is quite the accomplishment! 

We're so proud of you, Molly!

Mom and Dad

Sunday, February 14, 2010

the best headgear AND interview AND GIVE-AWAY!!!

(see bottom of this post for give-away details!  WOOT!)

Samantha is super sensitive and HATES her hair brushed or messed with. Anything I manage to get in her hair (ponytail or whatever) she manages to take out within an hour or two. It's so frustrating! She's the kid that has all that HAIR hanging in her face, you know, the one that looks like a wild child! tsk tsk!  I can hear you all!  WELL NO MORE!

Meet Cheryl of Old School Trading!  She makes the most comfy and super cute headbands!!!  I ordered one for Samantha, then had to order a bunch more!  Our mornings are much nicer now and Samantha loves them!  Molly snagged one, too, and they fit them both wonderfully. I don't know how Cheryl did it, but they fit both my kids and me, too!  And the craftsmanship is perfect! 

I got these (plus a plain black one not shown):

Here she is in her favorite cheetah print:

Cheryl was gracious enough to let me "interview" her:

When and why did you start making these cool headbands?

1. When living in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri...I designed children's clothing and sold them on Ebay about 8 years ago. I designed fun vintage inspired clothing re-using jeans, chenille,vintage tablecloths, hankies, sweaters...you name it...I used it! It was so much fun! When I decided to start making clothing again on Etsy...I decided to make headbands to match my outfits. My oldest daughter, Ashley, was so excited about my business and helped me cut my first 100 headbands that I made....So I decided to call them "Ashleybands". The Headbands became a big hit since they fit so well on both Adults and children and because I offered so many fabric choices! I CAN'T STOP BUYING THESE BEAUTIFUL FABRICS!! I started getting wholesale orders from all over the country...including Australia and Singapore of all places!! So....at the moment...I'm whipping out Ashleybands on a daily basis!! Life comes around and goes around! Right out of college I was an assistant buyer/product developer of hair accessories for Claire's!! Now...I'm back doing it again for Old School Trading!

What is your typical daily routine?  

2. Typically...I wake up and get my kids ready for school. I check my emails while I eat breakfast. Hopefully, I don't spill orange juice on my keyboard!! I usually then start working on my orders and get everything lined up to start sewing when my youngest, Alyssa, goes to afternoon preschool. I sew all afternoon...but check my emails...and occasionally shop supplies on etsy as I come up with other ideas that are floating in my head while I sew! I also try to work on marketing stuff (just completed a new trifold with all my fabric selections)...and trying to get a new website launched very soon which takes me forever because I'm Computer Illiterate!! When I go pick up the Kids from school...I run to the post office and try not to do "business" until late at night. But....it depends on how busy I am. When my husband comes home....I hope he doesn't ask "Did you do laundry today?"

Tell us about yourself using just 5 words:  

It's hard to talk about myself!
I guess I'd say 1. Humble 2. Honest 3. Faithful 4. Creative 5. Spontaneous

Name 5 of your favorite blogs:

I can honestly say that I just got into the "Blog World" since the New year. So, I'm hoping to have time to "Add" this to my daily schedule!! I have enjoyed following:

1. http://mylilyeden.blogspot.com (very inspiring)
2. http://dandginagives.blogspot.com (awesome giveaways)
3. http://feeds.feedburner.com/trueup (great place for sourcing)
4. http://robbiegphotography.com/blog (beautiful photography)
5. And of course: http://primoriginals.blogspot.com (well...I guess you know why Liz is a favorite!!)

Name 5 of your favorite etsy shops: 

It's hard to pick only 5!! I LOVE FABRICS so I would have to say 1. MaterialGal 2. Luckykaerufabic 3. Sweetdreamsandco 4. LemonTreeStudio 5. And of course Primoriginals!!

(Me again):  Cheryl has graciously offered to do a give-away of her awesome bands!  Simply comment on this post and you are automatically entered to win a 3 pack of *Ashleybands* in any fabric of your choice in Cheryl's shop!   THANKS CHERYL!!!

Hey ya'all, don't forget to comment on my blog post below for another primoriginals give-away, too!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Another GIVE-AWAY!!!

Let's have another one! WOOT!!!

Up for grabs is a hand printed tee of my own little birdie design. I used a very simple method to make my screen (go here to check it out). Thanks to The Dog House for posting these directions!

This is something you can do with your kids or teens... all you need is an embroidery hoop, some super thin fabric (like organza -- I cut up an old sheer curtain), mod podge, fabric paint or ink, and something to make your stencil with.  You can use your screen over and over, just wash it promptly when you're done printing. 

Tee is a size Medium and is a pretty teal color. 50/50 blend.

Comment in this post to be entered! Let's try to make it up to 20 comments again!

coming soon:  interview with cool etsy seller that makes my life so much easier!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

And the winner is...........

Venus, from the lovely and addictive happyfind blog! Email me so we can exchange pleasantries and what-not!

I wish I could give each and every one of you who entered an organizer.... BUT, I am definately going to do more give-aways as they are so fun! Stay tuned!!!


Monday, February 8, 2010

This is what happens when you buy reading glasses at Sam's Club

I was hoping these glasses would be strewn (is that a word?) around the house so dh doesn't have to look far to find a pair.  This way I wouldn't have to be the designated reader of the house.  GROWL.  But no.  This is when he decides to be tidy and hangs them up neatly, all in a row. 

(and yes, I just realized that the picture is upside down)

On a lighter note:  THANK YOU all so much for posting in my GIVEAWAY!!!  We've gone over 20 comments, so it's time for the drawing!  WOOHOO!!!  20 comments!!!  Some of you might think this is lame (think bloggess or dooce), but for me it's a milestone! And I have all of you to thank for it!

I'll draw the name within the next couple days.... come back to see if you're the winner!

If you still want to enter, or tell your friends, go post a comment here:

givin stuff out to make your life easier

(or as my daughter would say:  givenstuffouttomakeyourlifeeasier.com)


Friday, February 5, 2010

custom shelf

A very sweet customer convo'd me through our etsy and requested a nice, big "apple green" shelf.  No holes (what???), no hooks... just nice and big and cool.  Well, didn't it turn out just so lovely?  I love it!  Now I want one!

xoxo  Liz

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

almost done

After reading one of my favorite blogs, tollipop, (one that I have to check every night before bed or I can't sleep... yes, I'm lame, I know), I realized that it's merely the beginning of the end. Of winter, that is.

Around this time the winter blues set in here. I love Wisconsin, but February is when winter starts to get to be a bit much. I do feel though that February is sorta the beginning of the end. Yeah!!!

Here's what's going on in our house lately.

Samantha's school is selling donated chex mix snack bags for 25 cents to help Haiti. She brought me a bag of chex mix every day for the last 4 school days. My favorite bag was the one with gummy bears in it!

Tomorrow her class will be in charge of selling. I love her drawing. Especially the pink bags of chex mix!

Samantha and Teddy are inseparable right now. They are seriously BEST friends. It's so darned cute.

Valentine's Day is coming. Which means lots of heart drawings.

How are you all spending your time this winter???

xoxo Liz