Tuesday, July 29, 2008


In celebration of my 300+ sales on etsy, receive free shipping on your etsy order (includes everything in my shop)! Please mention "FREE SHIPPING" in the comments section when ordering.

Thanks for a great time! You guys are GREAT!

Emily's kitty

A very nice/cool/awesome customer of mine sent me a couple pics of her art collection with mine in them... so neat to see people's stuff! You can check Emily's blog out at crackbraincrafter .

1st collection

2nd collection

Have a great nite!


I'm so humbled by all the comments and support... wow!!! Thank you all so much! All of us who sell online are so honored and so blessed to be able to do what we love....

I will pick the pendant name on July 31st! THANKS!!!


Monday, July 14, 2008


In celebration of hitting 300 sales on etsy, I'm going to have another pendant give-away! I will include those on my email list and also anyone who comments here.

Thanks everyone for all of your kindness and support! This online art community really is so special...

Liz :)))

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Strawberry Pickin

Rick, Samantha and I went strawberry picking today. I grew up in the country and going out there today makes me want to move to the country again! I do get over it, though... I like city living because I love the convenience of everything and I know winter in the country would make me really DEPRESSED! But, it sure is nice sometimes... We picked about 18 pounds... giving lots of them away and of course eating them ourselves! YUM!


Art earrings

I've decided to give earrings a whirl... I made some out of little wood circles with my prints attached (same sort of thing as the pendants).

It's a gorgeous day here in Green Bay! Rick took Samantha around the block on his scooter:

And, Mystele told me about picnik.com . LOVE it!!! It's an online photo editing program and it is very easy to use and has lots of cool stuff you can do. I do have photoshop 6.0, but I admit I'm not that terribly great at knowing how to use all the bells and whistles. I use the clone thing constantly... oh and the burn tool is something I just started using. And the adjust command. BUT, for some reason getting rounded corners is so hard on there! And also cropping to a circle??? The picture of Rick and Samantha above was edited using picnik and I think it turned out pretty neat.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, July 11, 2008

The start of my art print collection

About a month ago, I bought my first art print on etsy from Jenn of noodleandlou, because Jenn's a dear friend and I LOVE HER WORK (who doesn't?). After I got it, I fell in love with the whole idea of having my own little (or big?) art print collection of prints I find on etsy. I decided to start an "art wall" in my living room. I'm going to try to keep them 5x7 or 6x6 ish so I can fit as many as I can on my wall. I think I will even paint the wall a nice rich red! I will either frame each one or I will mount them on a piece of wood with black edges. I'm so excited! So, here's my first print from Jenn:

A few days ago, Mystele of little glimpses bought a print of mine. I checked out her shop and FELL IN LOVE with this print!!

Mystele has some really great stuff on her blog!!! I loved her newest post showing her studio. She's inspired me to really shape up my studio (if you want to call it that). My studio is in the basement and is just a very drab area that needs some inspiration!!! I have quite a large area, but it's sort of on one wall (wish I had a corner spot). Organizing is not one of my strong points, so it's extremely hard for me to do. Any points you all can give me would be very welcome!! I'm too chicken to post what it looks like now on here!

Can't wait to pick out my next print for my wall! :)))


Monday, July 7, 2008


Of course the first thing I do when I go online each morning is go right to etsy.com. Well, low and behold there was my little misfit doll, on the front page!!! I seriously got light-headed, LOL!!!

Here it is!!! --->>>> treasury

What an honor to be included with all those cool dolls! :)))


Friday, July 4, 2008

Lovely necklace!

One of my favorite customers buys my pendants wholesale and makes beautiful necklaces with them! Here's one of them: necklace

Also, I'm making some new pendants... new print designs! I love circular pendants, so I am going to offer more of those.

Hope everyone is having a great 4th!



I'm both relieved and embarrassed to say that I found the bracelet! I put it in my little wooden box of 1" pinback buttons. It really blended in with them, so when I looked in that box for the bracelet, I didn't see it as it was buried underneath all those pins!

Wooohooo!!! :)