Tuesday, September 30, 2008

thanks guys!

Thanks for all the kudos! :) I am wanting to make another one already! :O)

Steph... what's the best (free) video editing program do ya think?

I used Windows Movie Maker.

Liz :)


Fantastic Figments said...

ahh free is a toughy I have never used any other free one besides movie maker. If you are looking for an inexpensive one that I find to be very comparable to a bigger name like Final Cut you can try Magix Movie Edit Pro 11 (what I use at home, can be very frusterating) or I hear Adobe Premiere Elements is excellent as well.

I have used about 5 different programs and I can safely tell you is that once you learn how to use one program they are all set up very similar. (The difference is the smoke and mirrors they provide you with) Of course the curve ball comes in once you start using more sophicated software there are more 'gliches' such a exporting to mpegs of avis which are the most widely supported. Also the more attributes the longer they take to load. Also, keep in mind that the more 'glitter' you use the larger the file and I believe programs like youtube and blogger have a limit on movie size. As well as turning the work into a DVD can be tough on a novice.

I think your video came out very nice and thought it looked very professional. Using the 'more sophisticated' software I had a very hard time making it work with blogger. (Thus it didn't turn out great)


If you go there you can research some of the names that I gave you and look up others. I find this source to be reliable and after reading some reviews it is accurate. If you have any questions please let me know.


Liz said...

Thanks Steph!

My next one I am going to use the flip video software and see how that is. I'm thinking it's probably even more basic than WMM though.

I am going to look into the Magix Movie!


Liz said...

I'm uploading some clips to jumpcut.com right now... an online video maker thingy! Would be nice if it worked well and I wouldn't have to do all the editing on my puter since it locks up at times when I do that. I need a newer computer!