Monday, November 10, 2008


I'm offering FREE SHIPPING on all art prints through my etsy shop! As an added bonus to all of you who follow my blog, I am offering you FREE SHIPPING on any and all items in my etsy shop! Woohoo! :) When ordering, please mention you are a blog reader in the comments section! You also receive a free art magnet with every purchase!

On another note: I got some pics from a local customer (and friend!) who I met doing a summer show this year. Her and her mom are just awesome!

She sent me this pic of a very clever way to frame my 6x6" prints (or any small square print!). It's hard to find this size frame, so what she did was buy a scrapbook frame (bought at Michael's) that's 12x12" and put a pretty piece of scrapbook paper behind the print. Doesn't it look so professional! The black border gives it that matte look. I love this idea!

Have a great week everyone! And here's a special thought and prayer for my sweet friend Jenn, whom we all adore!!! She is sick and we are praying and thinking of her!!!



Jenn said...

awwww Liz!!
I was stopping by to say hi and to thank you for all the get well wishes. You are so sweet:):)
I'm a bit better each day and trying to get back into the swing of things. thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers!!!!


Fantastic Figments said...

Howdy Liz.

I love the matting idea. I am a little unclear. I see green and a black boder. Is the green the scrap book paper? Then what is the black. Wow I don't know why I am struggling with this. It looks so awesome but not sure how it is done..


Heather said...

wow, she is beautiful!~

Liz said...

Yes, the green is scrapbook paper. The black is the border I include on all the prints I sell. So you just stick the scrapbook paper in the frame, center the print and attach it if ya want (removable tape or dots) and stick it in the frame! Here's a blog post my pal Rebecca did to explain it fully:

I will post the link in a post right now on my blog!