Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Sculpture!

I've wanted to try making a doll out of a transfer for a while and finally did it! I love her! She turned out lighter than I would have liked, so I got my watercolor markers and ink out and just love how she turned out! The pics aren't great (no sun here today, so had to use the white box), but she's just lovely in real life!

Rick (hubby) is plugging away (lost his job in January). He's seriously considering going to school to get his associates degree in Corrections Science. He wants to work with juveniles (adolescent or teen boys). This is something he's wanted to do for so many years! It will be very hard to make it for two years if he does go, but we're gonna just take it a day at a time and plug through!



Micki said...

Beautiful doll!

My hubby has just been told they can only work a 4 day week from now on so we are losing 20% of his wages each week, he still has work for now and fingers crossed he won't be made redundant!

I hope everything works out for you guys!

Micki x

nollyposh said...

Beautiful dolly X:-)
...i always believe things happen for a reason, so perhaps your husband just needed this PUSH in the right direction to follow his heart <3 Good Luck to you