Thursday, July 23, 2009

Show Booth

Thought I'd share my booth with you all. :)

I do the On Broadway Farmer's Market show in Green Bay every Wednesday from June through October. I also do other various shows, normally in the fall.

I sell my pendants, magnets, gadget cases (yet to list on etsy), zipper pulls, and occasional art pieces as well.

My pendant displays are super easy. They are black (painted) pegboards that I unscrew to the base that my husband made for me. Easy to transport and they don't take up much room. I hate stuff laying on tables at shows, so this is perfect! Right at eye level. All the pendants are in cello bags and have pennies (2!) in each one or the wind just takes em sometimes (let's not talk about wind! Last week my booth neighbor's canopy flew onto my booth).

I use a heavy dropcloth from Home Depot as my tablecloth. Nice and thick and earthy. Doesn't wrinkle easily.

The table is a foldable banquet table. I use bed risers under the feet to bring it up so customers can see everything well without stooping.

The magnet board is on a easel that has a bungie cord holding it up.

I bring a bar stool and normally sit on that so I'm upright more than sitting on a regular chair, looking a bit too relaxed. I don't like vendors standing and staring at me when I look, but I also don't like them to be sitting so comfortably, kwim? So a high stool is perfect! :D I want to be *available*, but not pushy.

Liz xoxo


Micki said...

Your booth looks great, so perfectly neat and tidy. I love how well thought out it is.

Micki x

Adrian said...

Your booth looks wonderful! I'd certainly be drawn over to it to see what you have. And, I'd buy more pendants,too.
You are one hard working girl!

Liz said...

Thank you both! So nice to hear cuz right now I am so exhausted!

Liz xoxo