Monday, October 26, 2009

teen driving

Our daughter just got her temps. This is an exciting time for her, but it does highlight the unfortunate fact that we have just one totally working car and three soon-to-be drivers (our second car technically works, but one must not go over 30 mph, which is sorta hard to tell cuz the speedometer doesn't work (NOTE TO SELF: google how fast 2 rpm's is).

Somehow Rick and I are getting the sick feeling we'll be pushovers (as usual) and be stuck home without a car on a regular basis. Good grief. Life sure does come full circle.

So I'm doing what I do best: concoct far-reaching impractical schemes that will never pan out. And most importantly that I would never even do anyway. Cuz I'm practical. But I like to waste time.

For a short while (minutes) I thought maybe I could find an old golf cart. Cheap and doesn't go too fast. Eh... wouldn't work as I don't think she's that self-actualized YET. Plus the pesky little winter problem. Then I thought maybe she could use my husband's scooter. But then the visual of a big semi smashing into it (and her) pretty much eliminated that thought (and her - UGH!). And then there's that pesky winter problem again.

So on the way to school one day, the answer was right there in front of me! Safe AND cheap! Plus if she happens to be driving past a house fire she can earn her much-needed community service hours! Bingo!!!


Cheeky Weasel Cakes said...

LOVE IT!!! btw...where is that nice red truck? think i could haul the kids on the back of that thing??

Patti said...

You make me die! You are just so funny. But I think the big red truck would be a great idea. Plenty of metal to keep her safe PLUS away from your one and only working vehicle.
Good luck.
Patti xxx

Liz said...

It's across the street from West High! Don't you go buy it now!!!

And yes, Patti... I thought the same thing! SAFE! I bet the gas mileage is really bad though.

Young Driver Resource said...

Hello - I ran into this post on accident but as a mother of a soon to be teen driver I think this is great!

Now I know what my parents must have felt like back when I received my drivers license.