Thursday, April 22, 2010


This might sound corny, but the best thing to me about creating our stuff and sending it all over the world is to actually be able to SEE it in pics in someone's home.  Some very sweet customers send me those pics on occasion and every single time I open them I get goosebumps!  Such goodness.

We love to make our state hook pieces.  It teaches me something every time.  Mostly I learn that I wasn't paying much attention in my high school geography class.  Sigh.  But hey, it's never too late to learn!

I had a really nice customer ask me to make a Massachusetts piece for her.  Now, for those of you who were daydreaming like I was in your high school geography class, Massachusetts is a little dickens of a state.  As far as it's shape, that is. I'm sure the folks that live there are quite lovely.

So I googled Massachusetts and learned that there's two little chunks that aren't connected to the mainland.  I believe these are called "islands", LOL.  These two little islands are Dukes and Nantucket.  I knew we had to cut those out separately and the customer would have to affix them to their wall with mounting tape.  But Barnstable was also a concern for me.  It's so skinny and juts out a lot, so I worried it would break.  We decided to cut it out separately and try to fit it nicely to the mainland.  Well that did NOT look right.  So I told Julie that we were gonna start over and she was patient and said NO RUSH.  See, I told ya she was sweet.

So we did it over.  And it turned out to be one of the coolest states ever.

Here is the fantastic pics Julie sent me... I was in awe.  I also promptly went to the paint store and got some nice white paint swatches cuz I'm going WHITE WALLS again!  Doesn't her place inspire that in you???  Not to mention her sweet dog looks perfect.  Especially in that apartment!  Black dogs make everything look great.

To check out Julie's new apartment, and to be inspired as I was, go here.

Or her blog here.

Liz xoxo


venus said...

Very cool, Liz! Yah... I'm horrible in geography!

zoom yummy said...

Those are some cute photos... :) Petra

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