Tuesday, November 27, 2007

p r i n t s !!!

This is my first entry on my new blog! :)

I'm excited about my new venture into art prints! I put my first two up on etsy. Took me a bit of time to get the colors just right, but finally did it! Lots of trips to the printer. :) You can see my new prints at etsy. I happen to love this one:

I also have some new aceo prints listed on ebay.

My dad is an artist and once in a while I do a search on ebay for "Jauquet" and see what people are selling of his. People sell originals on occasion, but mostly it's his reproductions (he had a giftware line a while back). I checked this morning and someone is selling one of his arks! Check it out: Noah's Ark.

Tonight I am going to try hard to get some serious painting done. I'm in the mood to try something different. Maybe a floral? Florals have always been a challenge for me. Or maybe a sort of "quilt" with different themes in each square. I love quilts so thought this would be fun. On the other hand, maybe I'll make supper and clean my house! :)



Jenn said...

HOORAY!! Welcome to blogland Liz!! Looks great so far and I'm adding you to my blog right now!

Keep up the great work. No cleaning! hehe


sUz said...

Hi! So glad to have found you here and on etsy! I love my sweet fairy angel. She sits in my workloft and gives me inspiration!

Wishing you continued success,

iN jOy,