Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tagged by Jenn

Jenn (Polka Dot Jenn, as I call her in my head sometimes) has tagged me. Jenn is just too sweet to say no to, so here goes... I'm not good at talking about myself.... but at least I don't have to actually SAY the stuff out LOUD.

1) I have a great husband and two awesome daughters, 13 & 4. I've always said if a person can live through the 4 yr old year, then the rest is downhill. The teen years are nothing compared to four! :P

2) I love to PAINT and DRAW and COLOR and CUT STUFF and READ ART BOOKS and do basically anything art related... it is sometimes an obsession and perhaps even more of a "craving". I consider the need to CREATE a blessing and a curse. It really does take over your whole being sometimes, and although I love it, at times I think it would be easier to just be "normal". Whatever that may be. I can't imagine being one of those really organized routine-driven people. But when I'm painting and I'm in a groove, there really is nothing like it!!!

3) I adore animals. I cannot kill a spider or any other bug most days.

4) I am a hopeless night owl. LITERALLY every single morning when I drag myself out of bed, I *promise* myself I am going to bed at 10:00 that night. Night after night it just doesn't happen. I am so weak in this area! The main reason is that I absolutely need DAILY alone time.

5) I'm a computer addict. I could sit on here and search and read and blahblahblah for hours on end. I am trying very hard to cut back on that! After the new year I'm moving my computer into the basement! :D

Do I tag someone now??



Anonymous said...

Tag me!!!

Go look at my wall and get scared by the pic :D:D:D

Welcome there :)

Jenn said...

LIZ... You played!! Loved it:) Thank you for sharing with us.
xoxoxo..."polkadot Jenn" (love that name!!)