Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Molly's pendant

Don't you love this little guy!?!?

My daughter, Molly, who is 14, made this pendant! Can you believe it?! It's perfect! It's a very strange feeling when your kids get older and they can do things just as well as you (and sometimes better).

Liz :)


Krissysart said...

Lovely, lovely. Your daughter has a knack! (I have a Molly as well...she's 2 and crazy!)

sUz said...

wOw! Awesome work moLLy! I've been totally obsessed with owls lately. I wonder what that means?

iN jOy,

Liz said...

Must be the name! My Molly was crazy too at that age. :) In a good way, but very active and so creative!


Jenn said...

Way to go Molly!!! I love owls SO much and this one is too cute:)

Happy weekend to you guys!!!

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Your daughter did a great job, so cute!