Saturday, May 3, 2008


Whew! We've been without internet service for FOUR days (servers down)!!! Unfortunately, it made me realize how addicted I am to the computer! :((( I was so nuts! I feel LOST! Anyway, glad to be back.

We have a squirrel friend that we feed every day. He's getting very tame lately and is coming on the ledge of our front window. When we open the front door he runs towards us... this is when I sorta panic a bit! I love squirrels, but they scare me up close. I'm sure he would eventually eat from our hand if we let him, but not sure if I can do it! I throw the nuts and sorta run back into the house, LOL.



Carmen said...

Aww! How cute is your little friend!!! My 6 year old informed me yesterday that she wants a squirrel as a pet. lol

Glad you're internet is back. I would go crazy without mine!



Liz said...

Awe... how cute! I've seen video on tv of a lady in new york that has various squirrels in her house. They come and go as they please, through her apt window. Amazing!

I am thinking of a bunny for my 5 yr old daughter. The problem always is where to put it. I hate keeping animals outside, so it would have to go in the basement. The hardest part will be to get dh on board with this idea.

Have a great Sunday!