Friday, June 27, 2008

Check it out!

My owl art pendant has been featured on the Art Bead Scene (Friday, June 27)! I'm honored!!! I love the beads they chose... so cool!

I'm having so much fun selling my stuff at the Farmer's Market here in Green Bay every Wednesday. That best part is seeing all the people. I've met some really great people, both vendors and customers.

This weekend I'm hoping to work on some more of my new "soft sculpture thingies". Not quite sure what to call them? They are a bit of everything: acrylic painting, sculpture, textiles, clay, wire, nails, wood! Anyone have a good name for these???

Have a great weekend,


sUz said...

hi liZ!

Congrats on the feature!!!

Sounds like you really are enjoying your booth at the Farmer's Market - hooray for you!

I can't think of a clever name for your soft sculpture - but I think she would fall under the doll or figure category.

iN jOy,