Friday, June 6, 2008

ON BROADWAY Farmer's Market

I decided to do the On Broadway show here in Green Bay this summer. It is every Wednesday and runs from June 4th through September. The first show was Wednesday and it was a blast! I love being out and doing something DIFFERENT. There was supposed to be rain all night, but it never happened. I still had my husband go to Sam's and get me an EZ up canopy. Every other vendor had one and I knew I would need it eventually. So we put it up about an hour into the show -- funny!!! The other vendors around me were so helpful. The best part was I got to meet a fellow etsian! Laura, from littleorangekitchen!!! What an awesome girl! I'm definately getting one of her gorgeous wallets! They are unbelievable! The craftsmanship is absolutely perfect!!!

Above you will see my very plain little booth. I took a huge easel that I got from my dad and attached a bunch of wooden pegs to it, painted it, and voila! A pendant display! On the table are magnets, barrettes, rings, sale pendants, pocket mirrors, a couple paintings and earrings. The earrings are on the wooden house and are hanging on curly wire I strung across and put on an easel.



Krissysart said...

How fun! I love a farmers market. Isn't it so great to get out and show off your hard work? You go, girl!!

Rebecca said...

I love your earring display! That is such a great idea and really shows them off.

Any plans to add more sculptures?

Jenn said...

Hi Liz!! I'm finally back from my trip and tryin' to catch up with everyone:) I am so happy you showed pictures of your Farmer's Market spot!! (where's the pic. of you;)) Your table looks wonderful Liz! Love the display you turned into a house:)

I'm with Krissy...good for you for showin' off all your hard work:):)

Happy weekend to you!

laura said...

Hye, I love your new banner...thank you for the shout-out...I plan to do a post soon to brag about the ring I bought from you! Beautiful!

Liz said...

Thanks Krissy!

The first two times it was so windy that thankfully I had some jugs that I used as weights or the canopy would have GONE into the sky! :) The last time it was just gorgeous out, though. Did a lot better the last time, too.