Saturday, October 18, 2008


Yes, my thumb is GREEN! LITERALLY green!!! I am *not* a gardener!

I have an infection in my thumb most likely from paint or some other little tidbit I've smashed in there when painting! I love using my fingers so I guess it was bound to happen. It really hurts so bad... hard to believe a little thumb can hurt so much. Anyway, I lanced it myself (EEK) and.... om.... well, lots of green goop came out! I'm so sorry if I'm grossing you out here! ;o)



Lauren Alexander said...

holy moly! if you figure out what caused that let me know. I hope your thumb gets better soon!

laura said...

Oh my God. It sounds serious! I hope it is at least a little better now.

Liz said...

My thumb is fine now! WHEW! If you are squeamish, don't continue reading!

I went to a clinic and the gal told me that I really could tend to it myself. I love those type of people! I soaked it and soaked it and it never had to lance it... it just oozed all the green goop out after the soaks!!! Kept bactracin on it and it's all fine and dandy now. It actually looks better than it originally was, haha.

The lesson in this is I will not use my fingers in my art the way I always have. If I'm gonna really push stuff around I'm gonna use a rag!

:) Liz

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Thank goodness your okay now. Hugs***Renea

Tammy said...

WOW!!! hope it feels better soon. BTW. I love all the layers in the painting below. It is beautiful.

lori vliegen said...

wow, i'm so glad that your thumb is feeling better! i hope that you'll be back to painting your beautiful artwork real soon!!