Monday, October 13, 2008


I learned some new TRICKS!

I took Suzi Blu's Petite Doll class... my theory of art is that there is always always always something new to learn! Suzi's class was a BLAST and I learned a lot of really COOL new stuff! I started using some different paints that lend themselves to layering more and also got the beeswax out again! Here's one of the "layered" paintings:

I really believe this is my medium!!! I'm not great at moving the paint around in one layer and blending in one layer. I tend to overwork things and then you get the dreaded MUD! Laying is right up my alley as I do not have a hugely long attention span, so I can do one thing and the next thing is soon to come. The exception to this is that I seem to spend a huge amount of time on the face shading. I like it perfect, which I wish I could somehow STOP that as I think sometimes it's too perfect and not enough CHARACTER, kwim? I struggle to sort of "let go" when working on the face. Maybe I should just accept this.

Anyway, thanks for reading this far... here's a cute little video that made my heart sorta flutter!

Thanks for stopping by!


purplecat said...

What a fab video, thanks for sharing!

Fantastic Figments said...

Goodness this is a wonderful peice. Hey I don't know how long you are doing your shading but I think it is perfect! And I guess anything with time. I do have a questions for your though. I have been looking for a line of paints that lend themselves to layering but all I can find are paints that will pill the paper... Any suggestions?


Liz said...


What kind of paper are you using? When I use paper, I like 140 lb watercolor cuz it takes a beating so well!

Suzi loves Stewart Gill paints from and I'm gonna order some soon (takes me forever to pick my colors!). I've found some great paints locally though. They are actually fabric paints -- very translucent and they dry well so as they don't bleed when the next layer goes on. I love Pebeo Setacolor best. Also Dye-na-flow is nice. They are both available at Michael's. I also have Jacquard Textile colors -- not as translucent, but works well with some water.


Shannon said...

I'm taking the Suzi Blu workshop too! Your art is amazing. I looked at your etsy shop. Awesome!

Liz said...

ooooooo!!! tascha's art makes me HAPPY! just like jenn's does!

thanks for your kind words everyone!

liz :)