Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dirty Studio

My studio is in our basement. I have a nice big area down here, but always *wish* there'd be room for me upstairs in a big room full of natural light! Ahhhh, but I manage and I'm blessed all the same.

Last night I realized my work area was embarrassingly filthy! Really. I put cleaning off so many times. I'd rather paint. But there's a point.

Here's a pic of some of the tools I use in my mixed media:

Below are my three favorite tools that I use very often. The one on the left is a punch. I take a hammer and pop it on my wood here and there to create little random holes and dings. I've had this tool for so many years! Then there's the exacto knife. I use that to dig out areas, rough areas up, and also to remove things I don't like. Then there's the clay tool. That's another *ding* tool.

I sharpened my watercolor pencils and loved the big pile it made. These might be cool to save to add in a mixed media piece in the future! I love finding stuff like this to my art. Once I picked up a bike tassel on the sidewalk cuz I loved the sparkle of it.

Have a great Sunday!


Jolie Dennison said...

Oh! I love that you save lots of little things that would normally get thrown out. I have a huge box of pencil shavings that I use for texture, though I haven't pulled them out in a while. They are also great for butterfly or bug wings, or to make flowers with.

Krissysart said...

Wouldn't it be nice to have a great big, sunlit space with unlimited supplies? Sigh.....
How fun to see some of your 'equipment'. Hope you are enjoying your basement!

Liz said...

Our basement can get pretty cold sometimes if I forget to turn the heater on down here in the morning... sometimes I paint with winter gloves that I've cut the finger tips off of! LOL!


Micki said...

My hands always seem to get cold when i'm creating, don't know why? I'm not in a basement just in my dining room lol
Thanks for stopping by my blog and the tattoo appreciation ;)

Micki x