Monday, February 9, 2009

pizza makes life better

When I need to feel better and want to use food to do so (GRRR!), I choose pizza. I love fresh mozzerella, sweet red onions, and fresh basil. I don't need any meat, but dh would balk without it, so I put pepperoni on it most of the time. I'm always looking for that *perfect* homemade sauce and crust.

We made this one Saturday night and the crust was tasty, but a bit too crunchy. I think my yeast is giving out. It didn't rise enough. But, it was delicious, really. I tried a new sauce recipe and it had great flavor, but too "thick and tomato-y" for me... I want it more OILY. My favorite pizza place is Sammy's, a local pizzaria right here in Green Bay. If you ever make it to a Packer game, you GOTTA try it! Get the Italian Special (used to be called Sammy's Special). Anyway, I wish I knew how they make their sauce so oily without making it TASTE oily. It's just so juicy and GOOD!

Liz :)


Italian Girl in Georgia ~ Suzanne MacCrone said...

That pizza looks yummy! And your music is good too!

tascha said...

I love fresh basil! I don't need meat either, but like you, Morgan insists on at least pepperoni.