Thursday, September 3, 2009


As many of you know, my husband had surgery on his achilles tendon 6 weeks ago and cannot work (he drives a school bus and also works for the Dept. of Corrections). His doc won't sign a work release for another six weeks (for obvious reasons).

So.... poor guy is going absolutely NUTS! All summer on crutches and not working.

Me, being the good wife, told him to get his butt going and do something. Anything.

He's been a woodworker for several years, mostly making tables, big blackboards, shelves, etc and selling them in local shops and at shows. I thought most of his *normal* stuff was a bit too large to ship without me having temper tantrums, so he started making smaller stuff that he could ship at a reasonable cost.

So this is what he's been doing:

And I love them all. I especially love the last one right above this text. Those bolts are so darned CUTE! He won't let me have it, though. He's mean.

He's been in two Gift Guides on etsy already, and on the front page at least once! Good grief! ::::jealous:::: This proves that the art section on etsy doesn't get enough kudos! (sorry for the little whine)

So, to celebrate and share his goodness, both at woodworking and at fathering/husbanding/laundering/cooking/cleaning, of which I really miss, I am offering 10% off anything in his shop. Yes, I did tell him he's having this sale! He said the usual, "Okay."

Please mention the code ACHILLES TENDON sale in the comments section when ordering!



Anonymous said...

They're beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Oh bless hope the next several weeks go quickly so yout hubby can go about his loved activities. Unless you love pampering him then hope it goes slowly, he, he, he!
All the best to you both!