Sunday, December 23, 2007


Ugh, I don't know what is happening, but every time I upload a picture it turns up at the TOP of my post. I don't recall that happening before, so I must be doing something wrong.

Below is a close-up of the bunny in the larger painting shown below. What inspired me to do this painting was my intense desire to get my daughter this white bunny with one ear for Christmas! I saw him online and seriously thought about him for days after. I knew though that my husband would not want him (wahhhhhhh!). He's right I suppose... no room and we don't need another pet, but I still couldn't stop thinking about him. So I ended up putting a couple bunnies in this piece, but put two ears on each one. I'm not that risky in my paintings to do a one eared bunny! It would bother me too much. Not that the bunny had one ear, but that the painting was not balanced, LOL. Anyway, by the time I went back to look at the real one-eared white bunny, it was gone. Someone had taken my bunny home! WAHHHH!

My husband (Rick) and I got out today to do some shopping. We needed some caffeine so we went to Barnes & Noble to get some coffee and maybe look around a bit before we hit the mall. Well, a "bit" turned out to be 2 hours after I got a hold of some art books. I feel so guilty when I do stuff like that!

I LOVE the look of wax on paintings and have been experimenting with it. Here's one of my paintings that I did recently that I used wax on. This one I sold on etsy.

OK, about the exhaustion thing: I know, I know... who ISN'T exhausted right now? This is just a weird type of exhaustion, though. Normally no matter how tired I am I still paint if I can. But lately I'm snoozin' on the couch by 10:00!

I did manage to paint this week during the day before my laziness hit too hard. I am having a blast with this old hymnal book I found at the Salvation Army thrift store. I LOVE the texture of the paper and the notes are so pretty. The old books have such beautiful fonts, especially the religious books.

Here's a little bird painting on wood that I did with a hymnal page as the background. It for sale on etsy.


sUz said...

Your "bye love" is so beautiful. I saw it on etsy and when I went back to get it, it was gone. Hooray for you! The bunnies are so adorable, I just love them.
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!
iN jOy,

Liz said...


You are such an encouraging person and I so much appreciate how you notice so much... that is so rare nowadays!