Friday, December 28, 2007

My family!

My wonderful husband, Rick.

My lively, fun, smart, and independent 14 year old daughter, Molly.

My quiet, serious, artistic daughter, Samantha, who will be five in January.


Jenn said...

Liz!! How cute everyone is!! Where are you? Molly looks like someone I could hang out with:) Oh my gosh, Samantha is so edible with that cute hat and smile....soooo cute!! And...hello! Her Spongebob picture is really good! I'm cracking up that you mentioned that episode with the swearing/dolphin noise...Jake and I think that is the FUNNIEST ever! Your blog is so fun!! xoxoxo

Liz said...

Rick and I actually ON PURPOSE got a spongebob video (for Samantha, of course!) that had the dolphin-swearing episode on it. We wanted to see it again so badly! I am amazed at those writers. How can they make a show that appeals to kids and well, cool adults?? That's what the DVD jacket says! "COOL adults"

:) Liz