Sunday, January 27, 2008

I have a serious case of the winter blues (we live in Wisconsin). I feel like I'm going crazy sometimes, being cooped up inside. We have massive amounts of snow, which is OK, but the cold is getting to me. I need SUNSHINE! And GRASS! And not jackets, hats, etc.!
One of my favorite things to do in the summer is go to the N.E.W. Zoo. It is so gorgeous! Lots of space. Beautiful greenery. They have a wonderful petting zoo, which includes goats, sheep, oxen, a reindeer, and llamas. The last time we went there a llama spit at me pretty good right in the eye. They like to do that to me, for some reason! And I LOVE animals! I don't get it!

Here's a couple pictures I took last summer when we were there.

Many of you may have seen this video before, but just in case! These kids are just precious.

I am going to try to get some painting done this week. I have so many new ideas floating around in my head! I can't wait!

take care,


Jenn said...

Hi Liz:) I'm getting the winter blues too...the gross cold we all have isn't really helping matters!!
Hang in there:) Your llama story cracked me could anyone spit in your eye you sweet pea!!!

Liz said...

Picture this: he was all black, with a big ole' tuft of curly black hair on top of his head. I was looking at him, laughing, because he is just the funniest looking llama! He had no use for me. I think he thought I was getting in the way of getting his treats from others.

:) Liz

sUz said...

hi liZ,

I cannot believe a llama spit at you. What a story!

Can't wait to see your new ideas come to life!

iN jOy,

sUz said...


Tag, your it!


Jennifer DeDonato said...

How cute is that video. I love it when the baby starts to laugh. Great stuff!

Laura said...

I love the New Zoo...we don't have kids but my husband and go a few times every year.