Wednesday, January 16, 2008

the penny

For the first time in my life, and hopefully the last, I had to call 911! My just-five-year-old daughter (above) was in her room playing. She came out very upset... crying and pointing to her neck. She had that LOOK that we all dread seeing on our kids! She was coughing on and off and crying in a terrible panic. She was able to tell me that she swallowed a penny and it was stuck in her throat. She kept pointing to her throat! Of course I did what any rational mother would do and screamed for my teenage daughter: MOLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYY!!!! My little one was speaking somewhat, and was coughing a little yet, so my oldest daughter told me that in Health (and in her CPR class) they said if the child can talk they are fine. Well I remember learning that too, but she was NOT acting fine and I grabbed the phone and dialed 911. Normally I am a bit more rational, but choking is one of those things that freaks me out. I was worried it was lodged in there and if she moved wrong or cried too hard or whatever that it might flip just the wrong way and block her breathing.

Within 60 seconds there was an ambulance with two paramedics AND a fire truck with three firefighters!!! They came in and surrounded her and sorta did their thing (oxygen rate, pulse, lung check, etc.). They said they think she will be fine, but they could take her to the hospital if I wanted and do x-rays. By this time she was considerably better and was calm, so I knew she was OK. The nice men left and everything was back to normal.

I am so happy!!! Things could have gone the other way so easily! As horrible it was it is so awesome to be reminded that life really is so precious and is but a vapor!

Thanks for reading and bless you!



sUz said...

Oh Liz!

What a horrible feeling to have had! I can't even imagine how helpless you must have felt! I am SOOO glad she'll be okay. Something like that does put things into perspective. By the way, she is an absolute doll!

Love your new pendants on eBay!
iN jOy,

Jenn said...

WHAT!!!!!!!!! poor poor thing!!!! I was freaking out reading this!!! I am SO glad everything was fine and what a great feeling to know how fast your ambulance and fire fighters respond!! Look at how adorable she poor thing Liz!!

Laura said...

Thank goodness everything turned out OK! I think you did the right thing calling 911...better safe than sorry and good for your older daughter for reminding you about the "talk" thing...I never even heard that before.

Diane Duda said...

wow! that is so scary! we had a grape incident here once but i was able to get it out myself.
good to know the ambulance can be there so fast, right?

i'm glad she's okay!


michelle said...

How scary! My little sister swallowed a nickle when she was 6 and had to go to the children's hospital where they were going to go in after it when she threw it up! Funny how just when you think a kid is old enough not to do those sort of things they do something like that! I swear I have told my older kids to get something out of their mouths more times than my little one! I have just found you and love your art, especially those beautiful pendants! I will be back!

tascha said...

Oh Liz! I am so sorry! I am happy everything turned out okay, but that must have given you an awful scare! I can't imagine.