Wednesday, January 9, 2008

pendants again

I'm a bit obsessed with the whole pendant thing. I get that way often. Unfortunately (or fortunately), it normally ends and I'm on to the next thing. But, this one might just stick for a while, as I love painting SMALL. And I can easily work these into my schedule!

Here's a couple I put on etsy tonight:

Mention my blog in the comment section at etsy and get FREE SHIPPING on anything in my store! Offer ends 1/31/08.

Thanks and happy January! One month closer to spring! :D



sUz said...

hI Liz!
They are so beautiful!!!! I'm so glad you are really enjoying the process with these - that's the point! They really are fantastic!
iN jOy,

Jenn said...

Liz! Not only are you a FABULOUS pendant painter...but a very good marketer too!!! What a great idea about offering a discount from your blog:)

Are you tired of me gushing about your pendants yet?? I LOVE THEM!!!
Hope you are havin' a good week:)