Friday, May 23, 2008

Bay Beach

My goal is to start talking about things other than art and my kids! So here's the first installment, which actually is partly about one of my kids. ;o)

We live in Green Bay and one of our little treasures here is Bay Beach Amusement Park. For those of us that grew up here, it holds a very sentimental spot in our hearts. It's grown and changed some, but what makes it great is that it's inexpensive and open all summer! AND, it's right on the water. A million people visit each year. The history of this great little park is a good read.

When I was a kid, it was 10 cents for any ride in the park! So for a couple bucks you could ride all day. Now tickets are a quarter, and the "big" rides take two, but the little ones are still just one ticket. Prices have gone up a lot, but it's still a good bargain.

Here's a picture of the new train station:

And a horrible picture of the little train that runs around about half of the park. It runs very close to a house that's on the edge of the property ... I've always wondered how they can handle that noise!

Here's a picture overlooking the bay:

Samantha riding the ponies. These ponies live near the beach and if you come early enough you can sometimes see the owners walking them down the road to the ride area. The bumper cars are in the background.

Samantha on the big swings:

Here's Samantha with one of her friends on the helicopter ride. This is a favorite ride for the little ones.

So brave to ride the Scrambler all by herself!

I even went on the Tilt-a-whirl a few times with Samantha. The day started out cold (60) and by the water it's colder.

The one thing I missed today was a picture of the huge slide. It's been at Bay Beach ever since I can remember. Just one ticket yet, and you grab a burlap bag, climb the endless steps, and all line up and slide down. There's three "hills" you go over. It's a tradition for us here!

I also missed pics of the *little kid* rides. They have six rides that are for toddlers and preschoolers and are all one ticket. A good deal!

If you've gotten this far, thanks for listening! Hope to see you at the beach someday!



Lauren Alexander said...

What fun! I know what slide you are talking about (never been to Green Bay but..) Those super tall hilly rug slides are so fun! I don't like heights but I'll tackle that any day :-)

Jenn said...

How cute Liz!! That photo overlooking the bay is gorgeous! Hope you have a FABULOUS weekend:):)