Monday, February 8, 2010

This is what happens when you buy reading glasses at Sam's Club

I was hoping these glasses would be strewn (is that a word?) around the house so dh doesn't have to look far to find a pair.  This way I wouldn't have to be the designated reader of the house.  GROWL.  But no.  This is when he decides to be tidy and hangs them up neatly, all in a row. 

(and yes, I just realized that the picture is upside down)

On a lighter note:  THANK YOU all so much for posting in my GIVEAWAY!!!  We've gone over 20 comments, so it's time for the drawing!  WOOHOO!!!  20 comments!!!  Some of you might think this is lame (think bloggess or dooce), but for me it's a milestone! And I have all of you to thank for it!

I'll draw the name within the next couple days.... come back to see if you're the winner!

If you still want to enter, or tell your friends, go post a comment here:

givin stuff out to make your life easier

(or as my daughter would say:



venus said...

Woohoo! 20 comments!!! I'm the same way... I'm doin' the jig if I get 50 hits on my blog! LOL

Liz said...

baby steps!!! :D

蜘蛛 said...


sushipot said...

He, he!! i love the organized glasses, upside down pic and i love that you left it like that in your post :)