Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bad News

My husband lost his job of 11 years today. It's still a shock to me, although it shouldn't be. The company's been struggling for several years. My husband is feeling pretty badly. I feel terrible for him. I feel tears well up sometimes when I look at him.

Today I spent a good amount of time on the computer, looking for jobs, checking out our state's unemployment site. The whole time I kept getting such conflicting feelings. They sorta swept through me in strange waves. For a while I had a terrible feeling of doom. Sort of a sick feeling in my stomach. Then I felt a bit relieved, and hoping for the best, as my husband has been miserable at his job for many years now. Then there was a sort of blank feeling, like NOTHINGNESS. We've never been in this situation, and I am already realizing how blessed we have been. In this economy, we really have no idea what is going to happen.

Please say a little prayer for me and my family.



Pam Warden Art said...

I don't know if you are getting any messages from me...I've sent some and they come back, we'll see if you get this.
We understand and you are in our prayers.

Liz said...

Hi Pam,

Thanks so much for your kind words... they really helped me!


purplecat said...

Aw Honey I am praying for your situation- My Hubby had a short time out of work at the end of 07 and beginning of 08, it was very hard to deal with, but it came good in the end. I understand exactly how you feel- sending you a big [[hug]] xx

Micki said...

I'm so sorry sweetie, what an awful thing to have happen.
It happened to my husband a few years back and was terribly crushing to his spirit.(we did get through it though)
Wishing you both lots of positive thoughts and good luck for your future.

Micki x

Lucy said...

I am sorry to hear your news. It seems that the wave of these hard economic times keeps hitting more and more everyday. I will say a little prayer for you and your family.

Lauren Alexander said...

Oh, Liz - I'm so sorry! It is so sad that this is happening to so many people across the country. Iam hopeful for you and your family that he will slide into a new (and maybe happier) job as soon as possible. Hang in there! You've got online buddies if you need them :-D

Ronnie said...

Prayers are being said, sweetie. Hang in there.

Rebecca said...

I'm so sorry to hear the news. I was laid off before I found the job I have now, and I know it can be very difficult, especially at first. You and your husband are both so talented and I know you'll end up in an even better position.

I'm thinking lots of hugs your way. It's going to be okay.

Pam Warden Art said...

We were in GB today at the wake of a dear friend of ours. I thought of you while shopping. It's so cold today. I hung out at the bookstore and Coldwater Creek. I hope you are doing ok. Your daughter is adorable!!!! Trust in God, you will be ok, He is greater than our circumstances and actually the Author.
Much Love dear friend,

laura said...

Oh Liz, I am so sorry to read this. Things in this area have been stable compared to the rest of the country, but we are finally feeling the impact. I know you guys will do just fine. I feel bad because sadly, men are trained to associate their value with the jobs and so unemployment is extra hard. But, now is the time for your art to explode onto the scene and maybe for him to think about what he's always wanted to do. I posted the tag today and put up two of your pictures with links to your shop of course. Your art career is burgeoning, so hopefully you and your family will benefit from that. Best of luck and all three of you are in my thoughts.

Jolie Dennison said...

Hi Liz,

I'm praying for you too. Perhaps you can look at this as a blessing in disguise though. Your hubby would probably have stayed at a job he hates forever if it was still available. I'm sure it's scary now, but in the long run it could turn out to be one of the best things that has ever happened to your family. How wonderful would it be to see him wake up everyday with a smile on his face because he knows he is going to a job that he enjoys?

Mechelle Harrison said...

First time at your blog. My family went through a lost of my husband's job six years ago, so I know how hard it is. I will be praying for your family and hope he finds a job real soon.