Friday, January 23, 2009

New Video!!!

I completed this video the day before my husband lost his job. I cannot watch it without crying now. I'm really not handling this well at all. I was up all night having horrible panic attacks! My heart was racing -- it was terrifying. Molly (14) looks so down about this too. She couldn't sleep last night either. We are trying to be calm and strong around our kids. I just keep telling myself it could be worse.... one of us could be really sick, etc... ugh.

Here's my beautiful girls and my sweet husband (on the scrambler!). He hates that I put him in it. He thinks he looks dorky on the ride all alone. I think he looks like the perfect husband and father.

Molly said the driver of the little train looks like Martha Stewart! She's right!



Jenn said...

oh no Liz...I can't believe it...I know it was what you were afraid of...I'm just so sad it happened. Your video was beautiful. You have such a sweet and LOVELY family. I don't know why I know...but I know everything will be okay for you guys. I'll be praying for you guys everyday. Trust that there will be something good to come out of this. I'm so, so, SO sorry sweet Liz!!! xoxoxo

purplecat said...

My heart goes out to you, you are in my prayers. I know this is a very dark time for you , and you see no way forward, I feel sure it will be better, hang on in there
Karen x

Cheeky Weasel Cakes said...

awesome video! you need to show me how to do this! :)