Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I've been tagged!

Micki of The Art Hermit has tagged me, so here goes!

Six random things about me:

1. I hate talking on the phone. I avoid it as much as possible. Thank goodness for texting!

2. I love vinegar. I'd use it constantly in cooking, but my family wouldn't appreciate that. Sometimes I take the red wine vinegar (or balsamic!) out of the fridge and take a little drink!

3. I love being alone! I find that as I get older, I crave it even more. The more time I get alone, the better mom and wife I am. ;o)

4. I analyze everyone too much ... it's a fault and a gift! I ask myself "why can't I just BE???" But I can't seem to change myself too much, although there are things I have learned to do to stop my brain from going too far. I am so sensitive and I just want to be TOUGH.

5. I hate wearing jewelry (haha! funny, cuz I sell it!), other than very light-weight earrings. My favorite earrings are made from vintage dictionary paper "coins" that I laminated. One earring has the front of the coin, one has the back.

6. I've lost 70 lbs in the last 1 1/2 years! No exercising involved! LOL! I just eat a lot less. That said, I'm joining a gym today, as I have more to lose, and I know I'll have to work harder the get the last "batch" off.

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Micki said...

Ooh i'm totally with you on comment number 3.
Mum's and wives need their quiet time (well I certainly do)

Micki x

mystele said...

hi, liz!!!! how are you? so good to hear from you, and i read that we are similar personalities. i just may steal a couple of your six! :) looking forward to keeping in touch this year. take care!

Krissysart said...

70 pounds??? Wow. I thought my 5 was impressive. Thanks for the tag! Fun, fun. I'll get started on it tonight!