Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Little Clay Sculptures

Samantha and I played with clay last weekend. I like polymer clay, but for whatever reason, I don't seem to get it out real often lately.

Samantha is an artist. She's much like me: very detailed and a perfectionist. Very methodical.

When my older daughter was younger and much more into art, she was one of those "wild artists" who just flew through her creations, very intuitive and FAST. And everything she did was fantastic. I don't work that way, but it is so fun to watch that, probably because it ISN'T the way I do it. I think most people visualize that type of movement and personality when they think of an artist working. Sorta free and loose and quirky. I don't work that way, but it's fascinating to watch.

I made a little house, cat and crow. I love using wire and it fit right in with the cat and bird. :)

I need to mention the color and exposure!!! I finally bought those pricey trumpet photo bulbs for my light box, as some of you have heard me blab about before! I never have to adjust color now, and the clarity is so much better. I took the house/cat/crow photo using my four trumpet bulbs in my foam panel light box. I wish I would have bought these years ago! Would have saved me so much time. It's such a pain finding a good sunny spot and dragging everything around for pics.

Tonight I am MAKING myself go to bed by 11:00. I am staying up too late lately and I am way too old to pull that! I'll be 43 next week. Good grief. I'm getting more tired just thinking about that.



Julie Fillo said...

Oh man, these are so cute! I love the wire stands.

Micki said...

Love the little clay things you've made, they are so quirky and original looking!!

Micki x

mainely stitching said...

Lovely clay cuties!

I'll be 40 in a couple of weeks, and it also makes me tired to think about. LOL.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Adorable! I'm finding myself really intrigued by clay these days! It looks so fun!
Good job!