Monday, May 18, 2009

New Illustrations! New Shop!

I've decided to have two etsy shops. One for my jewelry (and magnets), and the other for my art (originals and prints). I think it's much better this way -- not so crowded and confusing. My jewelry is at my original etsy shop, which is primoriginals. My art is now at primoriginalsART.

I have some really cute illustration-type paintings in my new art shop. I really like the fox the best!

I also have a sweet little box in my art shop. It is an image transfer of one of my paintings. I just LOVE how this turned out and I will definately miss this one when (IF) it sells! It is so cute, no matter where I put it.

I'm still dealing with really horrible spring allergies with my daughter, Samantha (6). She is *finally* coming out of it. It has been a very rough 6 weeks. :( She had some blood tests done and she was such a trooper. I was so proud of her. Poor thing, she is just so miserable. Makes my eyes fill up every time I think of it too much.

Hope everyone is having a better spring than we are! I'm looking forward to summer!

xoxo Liz


Kelly said...

That little box is so sweet. And the fox print in the photo...makes me think of my 5 yr. old niece, who, when discussing what new pet she would like, said: "I would like a fox." That always makes me smile.

Hugs to your little one; my nephew has had some bad allergy moments. It's hard to see them like that.