Friday, May 1, 2009

Funny Jenn Story!

Most of you know Jenn of noodleandlou. I *met* her on ebay, back in our ACEO days! :)

Last night I subscribed to Jenn's feed on twitter, not realizing that I had my twitter set to text me the feeds on my cell phone. I keep my cell next to the bed and at 2:00 am my text ring goes off! LOL!!!! And my ringer is LOUD! I'm thinking WHAT THE HECK???? Who IS that????!!! I started getting mad at Molly (my 15 yr old daughter) and ready to go yell at her for texting me in the middle of the night, LOL! Anyway, I read the text and learned Jenn was having a BOGO free print sale, LOL!!!

Go check it out at her shop!




Jenn said...

Liz you are too cute!
This is so funny.
So not worth waking up abruptly at
2:00 am!!! hahahaaaa!

Oh no...and just read about Samantha...oh my needed your rest after that day and then here I come in the middle of the night...tweet, tweet!!


Krissysart said...

How funny. Awoken by art. That really is a good story! Thanks for the morning laugh. Oh, and your shop is darling these days. Love, love it.