Saturday, May 23, 2009

Show Display

I'm getting ready for my summer shows. In the past, I lugged a huge easel to display my pendants on. It is a beast! This year I wanted something easier to load, etc. And more functional.

I decided this year I'm going to pre-package everything, so it's ready to go and looks more professional.

So, I bought a standard peg board and spray painted it a really nice satin black. Sorta looks like metal. I screwed two screws into a soap display (used to sell soap). It sorta leans back a little. I bought some durable black plastic pegs online and some hang tabs.

Pricing will be color coded. My cello bags have a piece of white cardstock in them with my shop logo printed on the bottom. So far I have green and pink shop logos (one price for the light pendants and chains, one price for the regular wood pendants). The laminate necklaces are on the left... those I can't package (they don't look as nice), so I will have to make a little laminated price sign for those. I will have a large sign on the top of the pegboard, with my shop name and a little catchy phrase. My magnets go on a board that is also facing upwards. I will sell my zipper pulls in a wood box. I am keeping those very cheap so people can dig through.

My main worry is the wind. I put a penny behind each piece of cardstock in the light pendant cello bags. Helps with the weight. Hope it works as well as I want!

It looks so much better in person, but you get the idea:


suziart said...

Pure genius, looks great and shows well! Good Luck!

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Wow! Your display looks great!!
Good luck at your shows:)