Saturday, August 22, 2009

How to make a 10 minute bike ride last 2 hours

1. Offer to take two six-year-olds to store for CANDY -- on bikes
2. Realize that all six tires are flat
3. Dig out pump from garage and fill tires
4. Go in house and get band-aid after bike falls on leg while filling tires
5. Start riding bikes
6. At first corner, turn around and go home for water
7. Start riding bikes
8. Stop at park to let monkeys do the monkey bars a few times
9. Start riding bikes
10. At same corner, turn around to go back to park to look for lost butterfly ring
11. Accept the fact that ring is lost
12. Start riding bikes
13. Realize you forgot the bike lock and leave kids at park while you go get one
14. Start riding bikes
15. Argue about who gets to be in front
16. STOP and argue some more
17. Start riding bikes again
18. Listen to kids argue for 3 blocks about who is the oldest
19. Listen to kids argue for 3 more blocks on whose SISTER is the oldest
20. Watch helplessly as one kid crashes into a bush
21. Recover and start riding bikes
22. Get to store and lock bikes
23. Go into store and check out candy selection, which of course is wedged next to checkout
24. Change mind 1,237 times on desired candy
25. Make final decision on candy
26. Argue in store about whose candy is best
27. Knock over bin of gum while in checkout lane
28. Pretend not to see annoyed people behind you
29. Pay $7 for two snacks and a soda
30. Go outside, unlock bikes while man sits in truck and stares at you while you freak out
31. Pretend not to see man staring
32. Be told by an annoyed six-year-old to SMILE AT MAN!!!
33. Bike home vowing next time to take the *#!$@# car!!!!!

the end


Micki said...

OH this is so funny and so true, we had a similar situation the other day with taking the bikes out for a supposed half hour, ended up taking around 3 hours in the end, with flat tyres etc!
Don't you just love the precious time spent with kids ;)

Micki x

Liz said...

HA! Yes, it all seems so hard at the time, yk? But later is when I seem to enjoy it more. Wish I could enjoy it more WHEN IT'S HAPPENING!


The Vintage Sister said...

Thanks for the laugh! We had a similar expereince last week when after 20 minutes of riding and arguing resulted in my 6 year olds big wheel tire being the farthest point in our journey. We had to PUSH it all the way home.
Never again!