Friday, August 14, 2009! molly! and foot!

I've been using picnik lately for my photo editing. I like it better than Photoshop! Maybe it's because it's so much simpler.

The pic above I did for my husband's new etsy shop! I had a blast with the digital daisies! ;o)

This is our Mols. She's going to a party tonight. My eyes are swelling with tears right now as I type. I keep staring at this picture. Over and over. She's 15. I can't seem to believe it lately. She's a young woman. There's things I wish I would have said and done, but all in all we are so proud of who she is and our joys and struggles of raising her all make sense somehow.

On another note: while I was loading up my stuff for a farmer's market I did Wednesday night, I stepped on the curb wrong and heard a POP and felt the pain go through my foot immediately! UGH!!!!!! I couldn't walk that night or the next day without a cane, and even then it was very painful. Many of you know my hubby had surgery on his achillies tendon a few weeks ago, so we have a wheelchair, crutches and a cane in our house! So Rick let me use the wheelchair, LOL! Hey... if I don't laugh, I will surely cry and cry! Long story short, doc doesn't think I broke anything. Perhaps a tendon or ligament snapped. I have an air cast on and have to take it very easy for a couple weeks. If the pain gets better it's probably not broken. Please say a prayer for us over here! It's been one thing after another. I tell people who come over that they must enter AT THEIR OWN RISK!

:) Liz