Monday, August 3, 2009


Took some pics of Samantha at a local Green Bay waterpark we love to go to. It's cheap and plenty big for a six year old.

I realize I need to get some pics of my 15 yr old daughter, Molly! It's always about Samantha on here and I'm feeling the guilts, right now, at this very moment. But, I plead with you! Do understand that she's 15 and really doesn't want to be with her ma and pa much, so how do I get pics??? Sneak in her room while she's sleeping? Or snap one as she's walking out the door? Sigh. I miss my girl.

Our new attitude (me and pops) is we are going to let go a bit. Not nag as much. Blah blah blah. We'll see how long we last! Her clothes are heaped in her closet, but I am going to try the "tough love" approach and figure if she has absolutely NOTHING clean to wear then she will HAVE to put her stuff down the shoot, which mind you, is literally RIGHT outside her bedroom door! ARGH!

For those who have or had teenage girls (15 yr olds, specifically), tell me it gets easier. I thought middle school was bad!