Friday, January 15, 2010

beans beans the musical fruit

I bought a bunch of beans a long time ago. Not to cook (that would make too much sense). I bought them for some crafty reason that I've forgotten about. Maybe to weigh some display down or something? Who knows. Anyway, turns out they make a GREAT ipod tripod (YES, I sure did type "ipod" at first... wouldn't that be nice if I could make my beans turn into an ipod!).

Moving on --

If you want a *bean tripod*, buy a bunch of bags of beans, open them and put them all into a larger bag (like a gallon ziploc), and VOILA! Much better than a tripod (I hate em! I hate screwing them into my camera and adjusting them).

♥ Liz


sushipot said...

What a great idea Liz! Thanks for the tip. I think I've got a bag of uncooked beans floating around in a cupboard somewhere. I don't like fooling with tripods either--i'm always tipping them over! --Suzanna

Liz said...

Suzanna... I don't know how you do it, but your pics are really just so AMAZING! And so consistent! Maybe it's the Alabama sunshine? I am going to try your tissue paper trick. Do you do that in direct sunlight? Your pics have so much gorgeous light!

sushipot said...

Thanks Liz! Actually, might be the Kansas sun cuz we've moved from Alabama :) Yes, I do use the tissue in direct light to filter it. Also, i adjust levels in Photoshop after shooting the pics. Feel free to convo me anytime and good luck with the new camera too.

Liz said...

You really are an inspiration, as corny as it sounds. I've been a fan *forever*. The consistency of your pics and products are amazing. I admire your relisting skills! I seem to forget to relist consistently. I think I need a smart phone.