Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"What I Meant to Say" Wednesday

Thanks to Chief, all us goofballs that hang out at her BEYOND-HYSTERICAL blog now have an excuse to spew our rage inner child feelings across the internet for all to see.


(To the AT&T operator discussing my DEAD slightly-older-than-a-year-missed-the-warranty-period modem):

So I have to go buy another modem???


So you gave me a FREE modem that is CRAP and now I have to go BUY ANOTHER CRAPPY NOT-SO-FREE modem??? And I have to buy the SAME CRAPPY modem that BROKE FOR NO REASON or you won't help me if there's a problem with this second crappy modem? And don't tell me it was lightning or a power surge or too much wattage/voltage/electrical zaps.... although now that I think of it perhaps it was a power surge since my 15 yr old daughter was vacuuming and heating something in the micro and probably had the stereo, oven, crockpot, space heater AND straightener on (for SURE!) at the same time the other day. Okay Miss-AT&T-know-it-all... never mind I will go and buy another crappy modem. pfffffffffffffffffft. Have a nice day.

THANKS CHIEF!!! Can't wait til next Wednesday!



Kmama said...

Stopping by from Chief's...

OOh, they should prorate what you would have to pay for another modem based on it just being outside the warranty period. fight for that!!

SupahMommy said...

Oh i'd got ghetto. and stage a hunger strike!

wait that prob wont' work.


Amber said...

you should totally fight it!

Chief said...

you go!

Thank for playing this week!

Fight, fight, fight!