Friday, January 8, 2010

my new nikon

Ohhhhh dear readers! It's been quite the day here at primoriginals.

After much thought and research and a bit of a leap of faith, I bought my first DSR camera! I finally decided on the well-loved Nikon D40. I am so excited.... I carry it around like it's my baby. It's so beautiful and well-behaved. And I feel like paparazzi. Must be that cool clicking sound.

Here's some pics I took, right out of the box, without reading the manual, on Auto with a flash. I used the 18-55mm kit lens. On some of the photos I had some afternoon light in the room, but some there was no natural light.

I'll start with the camera-loving Molly. I seriously have never seen a really bad picture of her. 99% of the time every picture looks magnificent! She got her braces off a couple weeks ago, so you can see her nice straight teeth! :)

Oh how I wish I could look this lovely with my hair up in a ponytail and an old white t-shirt on.

Then there's dear Samantha, who hates the camera. She literally winces when she sees it facing her. So it's always been a challenge to get a decent pic of her with my cheapo point and shoot camera. I got some cute shots of her with Teddy. Hey, at least she's not SCOWLING at me!

I got a quick picture of Rick as he got home from work. He looks pretty good for 50, don't ya think?

Rick bought some beautiful roses for me for our anniversary, so I took a shot of one... this is an unedited picture... took it on Auto with the flash, too. I think it turned out so pretty.

Sleep well internet!



Patti said...

Oh Liz your photos are gorgeous. I hope you love this camera as much as my DS does. He must have at least 1,000 photos of his new son - sure makes up for the lack of photos I have of him. Well he was number 3 and I was busy and didn't think of taking photos. I think the earliest one I have of him is when he is around a year old. He asked me once why i didn't have any younger photos of him so I said right off 'because you were adopted'! But he knows he wasn't he is the spit double of me and my brother and the rest of my kids.

Happy New Year my friend.

Lots of Love
Patti xxx

Jackie said...

Your pictures are great, I have been researching a new camera too~Looks like you got a good one. Happy Anniversary too~enjoy!