Monday, January 4, 2010


This year we thought it was time to get a game system. Evidently, we were the only ones in America who did not have one. At least this is what my kids have told me.

We bought a used PS2. And a handful of games. Turns out that I am not as smart as I thought. I continue to crash my fighter jet into the ocean, over and over again. What the? I put it on auto-pilot and I still crash.

So I figured I should be able to handle the Spongebob game. How hard can it be to gather as many crabby patties as you can and jump on rocks and spin around and such? HAS to be easier than landing a fighter jet! After about an hour I found myself in the same little cave area without the required crabby patties to help the peeps or whatever my mission was. I was unable to free my poor spongey self to the next stinkin' level.

Hey, there's always Connect Four.