Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another shameless attempt at enticing you

photo courtesy of the fabulous venus

Really folks, I had no intention of making this blog into a GET-THIS-FREE-AND-THAT-FREE-THANG, but it's just sorta happening, ya know?  Goin' with the flow here.... movin along.... I love to give! ... and well, you gotta put up with it! 

Of course the exposure helps, and I won't deny that's what started it, but now I'm addicted to it!  It is a TOTAL BLAST packing up a goody that we made and sending it off to someone who WON it... I know the feeling of WINNING something (although it's only happened to me a couple times, I'm not a winner, LOL).  It's a thrilling feeling!  Even winning something little, like one time years ago I won a Cousin's sub ... that sub tasted better than any other sub I had ever eaten there!!!  I don't know what that is.  But it's cool.

So Krissy of "etsy interviews" interviewed me and wow!!! ... they do a bang-up job over there!  So, if you missed out on the last give-away (and even if you didn't), go and leave a comment and put your name in the hat!

Off to cut out another "live", LOL!



venus said...

What a cool interview! It's cool how you and your husband work together. I can only imagine my hubby sewing aprons! LOL

Thank you for the shout out. :) I LOVE my table organizer!!! LOVE-LOVE-LOVE IT!!!

Liz said...

Awesome! So glad you like it!

It's both nice and hard working with my hubby. We are together a LOT. :)

xoxo Liz