Monday, March 22, 2010


One of the very best things about seeing your kids grow up is watching them learn how to write.  Of course reading is wonderful, but there's just something about writing that makes me so happy.

I love finding little notes in Samantha's room (it's not snooping when I'm cleaning it).  Little worn out papers of random thoughts or little stories, or even finding out what she's worried about or scared of.

I found this note the other day:

And then I snapped this as she was reading her little dog book:

This has nothing to do with words, well unless you count the word "police" on the side of the car, but I caught Samantha snooping on the cop that was sitting across the street from our house!  Yes, she's looking through binoculars!  :D

hehe... a girl after my own heart!  NOSEY like her mom!  ;o)

And I gotta get some food in this post!  RIGHT??!!  So here ya go... our living room filled with Girl Scout cookies:

xoxo Liz


venus said...

I have two huge plastic bins filled with my girls letters and drawings. It melts my heart when I see letters like this.

Did Samantha sell all those boxes? Good job!!! Oh my gosh... Samoas... mmmm...