Wednesday, March 3, 2010

unexpected love

I've been a very bad mama.

It started innocently enough at 2:30 on Sunday afternoon at our local Best Buy. Since that seemingly normal day as I was kickin' it with Molly, I've been doing a lot of "armchair parenting". You see, I have a new love. This new love is my hero. And I mean that quite literally.


Here he is..........

my hero.........

HTC Hero from Sprint

He looks innocent enough, doesn't he?  Oh but don't let his slick demeaner fool you. He is causing me both joy and pain.  But, I love him.  I neeeeeeeed him.  I even bought him a little cozy black jacket.  And I'm downloading all kinds of fun games we can play together.  And I'm touching him a lot. And he responds in just the right way. Sigh.... Ah... but this blog is rated G so I won't go any further.

As you can see, I am spending way too much time with him.  So much that I'm having to wear these a lot:

Which sucks.

So tonight I am going to try to put him in his little bed and hook him up to his feeding tube and make some of these.  Cuz you can't go wrong with anything Nie likes.

P.S. Before the week's over, I'm going to do the drawing for the t-shirt and with Cheryl's approval, for the rockin' headbands as well. STAY TUNED and please send your friends over to enter!

xoxo Liz


venus said...

Ooooh he looks sooo slick. CAREFUL, you gotta watch out for guys like that!!!

MODERATION my friend. Moderation is key... ;)

As for the cookies, let me know how they turn out. I'm a cookie freak.

Take care!

Liz said...

I love chocolate and any kind of frosting. Who doesn't? I had a conversation with someone recently in which we were discussing if there was anyone on the planet who didn't like chocolate. Is there?