Wednesday, March 10, 2010

wooden letter giveaway!

wooden letter giveaway!

Okay peeps... here's the deal:

We need more ideas for our wooden words.  We already have eat, run, be, nap, live, cook and bake.  Of course there's hope, joy, peace, change, love, etc... and those are all fine and lovely, but come on, we need UNIQUE words!  

I was telling my mom how I thought run would be cool for a runner's house, and she said "hmm... how about SLEEP?"  bruhahahahahaha..........

Anyway, I want some ideas from you!!!  Whoever comes up with the best word (according to Rick, Molly and me) will win a wooden letter of their choice!  And you even get to pick the COLOR!!!

Words must be four letters or less.  Let's say two words per entry.  So think hard before you leave your words in the comments section of this post. Please.

So come on, get our your DICTIONARIES!  Ask your friends!  Ask your kids (and tell them we're not doing fart or booger).

And look, I can spell!!! 


venus said...

here my two:



Anonymous said...



LUCY (cuz now i want one that says that...hahah)

this is from melissa (cheekyweaselcakes)...i can't find my freakin' acct info to sign in...grrrrr

sushipot said...

I'm game! Here's my 2 cents:




These letters are really great!!

Liz said...

oh wow you guys are good...

kitty said...

How bout an acronym like SWAK (as in sealed w/a kiss)

bask (as in 'in the sun')

Liz said...

Patti left her two words on the wrong post so I'm adding her's here:


:) Liz