Saturday, March 20, 2010

bring it on

So now I know it's all about the food.  I even changed my kickin' banner to reflect this.  I am this serious.

I got 7 comments outta you folks from my pretzel post (alright a couple were my own, but I'm still counting them... 7 is 7 after all).  And since no one judged me on the massive amount of pretzels we consume, I'm gonna share my other naughty problem:  chocolate.

Oh dear me...  


How can you be so powerful, so all-consuming, so wonderful???  Why do I want you first thing in the morning and last thing before slumber?  Why do you do this to me, you sinful little vermin.  You should be ashamed of yourself.  Don't you know I am already eating way too many pretzels?

My last binge on chocolate happened about a week or two ago.  I'm pretty sure it was because I was feeling sorry for myself and my carpal tunnel problems. I like to think of scenarios where I can eat what I want with less guilt.  Pity works well, especially self pity.

My crapal tunnel (no that's not a typo, that's what I call it) has been so bad and it's put me into a bit of a depression.  When I get depressed I kinda let my mind go sometimes.

So, I got a little panicky when I thought of having to stop creating because my hands would not allow me to.

I had a vision of myself painting with my feet.   

This is how far I let my mind go.  I told myself that I would indeed learn how to create stuff with my feet if I had to.  I was off in my little world, painting while reclining with my feet up in the air, a nice big sable brush between my big toe and that second one that I don't know the name of, I like to call it "the toe next to the big toe"....

When one of my kids hollered MOM!!! and I snapped out of it and realized what an idiot I was. 

So after my vision was rudely interrupted by Molly proclaiming she had KILLED (not sure how and I didn't ask) yet ANOTHER pet fish and it was her favorite fish ever (although I kindly reminded her she only had "Olive" for 48 hours), I started reading cjane's blog and all those comments from her "feminist" post that caused such a stir.  This kept me busy for quite some time, and with the carpal tunnel issues, the dead fish saga, the feminist arguments, and a lack of nutrients on my part (did I mention I had the LONGEST period EVER on the face of the earth???  4 WEEKS!!!  huh???), I decided I needed chocolate.  ASAP.

So I had to try nie nie's favorite homemade oreos.

Ready to be baked... I used my handy melon-baller cuz I was having a perfectionist style night, since I had to do something perfectly as there was that freaky little possibility that I was soon to become a "toe painter".

And don't they look delish???  For some very strange reason that I hate to even mention, neither one of my girls liked them (what the???).  One said they were too sweet (hello???) and the other wanted her's without the frosting. She said the frosting was making her "cough". Rick doesn't like this sort of thing, so it didn't surprise me when he didn't want any (this is probably why the poor sap weighs the same as he did in high school and can still fit in his high school levi's, size 33 waist... good grief, what a friggin nutcase!).

So the fact that no one else was going to eat these made me so upset, as I then had to eat most of the batch by myself!!  WAHHHHHH!!  It was an absolute nightmare!  It took me several days, at least.  I put them in the freezer and within 3 or 4 days they were gone.  I was soooooooooooo glad when it was over!  The things we have to do nowadays, us women of the world!!  Such troopers we all are!

P.S.  I liked 'em best right out of the freezer.  Don't judge me.



venus said...

Hilarious! I am so sorry about your crapal tunnel... I can only imagine how painful that can be. Painting with you feet, huh? I must admit I'm quite talented with mine. I'm good at picking up things and have killer pinching skills. It's my secret weapon when wrestling with hubby! LOL! He hates it!

As for the cookies... they look yummy! My youngest has a terrible sweet tooth, maybe she would like it? I'm gonna take a look at the recipe and perhaps give it a go. I like your suggestion of freezing it. We do that with Girl Scout Thin Mints. Mmmmmm!

mainely stitching said...

I have slobbered all over my keyboard, you wicked woman. Do you know how difficult it is to get that stuff out of the keys? We don't have a hairdryer or anything! ;)

Sorry to hear your carpal tunnel's been flaring up. I don't even want to think about the pain I've had in my right forearm for the past six months or so. It's a strained muscle from moving, and that's the story I'm sticking to.

Take care, and keep fighting the good fight. The more chocolate you eat, the less there is for me. LOL!!!

Misty said...

sweeet! those look so yummy. im really happy to have come to your blog from etsy interviews. I LOVE food sooo much. and i like your post about the pretzels. heheheh! yummy.

Patti said...

Well if I hadn't been sick (ahhhh) since Monday and I didn't live something like 3,000 miles away I would so have shared those cookies with you. They look really really scrummy!
Lots of Love
Patti xxx