Wednesday, March 17, 2010

we love these

Well my last POWERHOUSE post that summoned up THREE comments (YES!  THREE!  This blog is in the big leagues now people!) was about ........


So you must all love food like I do.  And did any of you make that killer roast I was braggin about??

Anyway, you want food huh??? Well, HERE'S some food!

We are now at the very pathetic level of buying our soft pretzels in BULK!  I'm out of the closet here folks! 

We buy a box of these suckers about every 4 weeks.  Which means we eat 60 pretzels in 4 weeks, which, for those of you who aren't math whizzes, FIFTEEN pretzels a week!  OH MY... that is really pathetic!  And they are not whole grain or organic or any of those fancy words.  They are just good ole' white flour gooey yummy pretzels!  Processed to the hilt, no doubt.  Whatever!

Okay, I seriously am going to go make one right now.  With melted butter :::gasp::: and kosher salt.  YUMMMMY.


venus said...

WHOA... that's a lot of pretzels...
what brand are these? Where do you buy them? There are 2 things my husband and oldest daughter LOVES to eat, and that's bread and cheese. Put 'em on a deserted island with these two things and they're happy campers!

Okay, so I'm making the roast RIGHT NOW. Yah... it's like 8p.m. over here and it won't be done 'til close to midnight, but I figured I'd do tonight while I have some time and I don't have to cook tomorrow. Plus it'll make yummy lunches for the crew tomorrow. I'll let you know how it turns out!!!

enjoy your pretzel!

Liz said...

YEAAAAAAAAH!!! I hope you love it and be sure to let me know what you think! :)

We get the pretzels at Sam's Club. $30 for a box of 60. I love cheese, too. But for some reason I like these with just the butter and salt. Lots of peeps like em with the nacho cheese sauce.


Patti said...

I don't care if it's a lot of pretzels! These are my almost very favorite thing ever! Tell me Liz what's this about Kosher salt? I'm about to buy some anyway because our elder daughter has gone really religious on us and it's Passover in just over a week - OH THE WORK - that's all I can think about. I need a PRETZEL!!! Bet it would be mush by the time it got here!
Enjoy my friend
Lots of Love
Patti xxx (aka - that's also known as Pam)

Liz said...

Kosher salt is the big chunky salt .... most soft pretzels have it on them. It's yummy!

Xoxo Liz

jayniemoon said...

Those look like a dream. I love those soft pretzel deals!

I also love the painting in the post below. Fantastic!

Liz said...

JAYNIEMOON! how delightful you stopped by! I'm the one that begged you for the color of the dreamy yellow on your living room wall... :)

Lauren Alexander said...

you're my hero.