Monday, March 15, 2010

The Dingo Ate Your Baby!

Remember this episode of Seinfeld?!?!  One of my favorites! 

Well, guess what???  My BABY ate the DINGO!!!  Yes, Teddy scarfed a dingo bone too quickly...

and it got STUCK in her esophagus!!!  So, after two emergency vet clinics, 100 miles driving, and $630 later, at 1:30 am, here she is, resting from being put to sleep, in my car on the way home:

teddy after procedure

That pink bandage is covering her little leg that had the anesthesia needle in it.  And through it all, choking and gasping for air, the vet people told me she still wagged her tail and was so sweet when they worked on her.  I'm tellin ya folks, this dog is truly special.  I've had dogs all my life, but she is on a whole new level.  She is amazing.  Are you sick of hearing about her??? 

But how can you be?  

LOOK at her!!!


and her back legs KILL me!

could you die or what

i'm dying here!

blog 024

Are you getting tired of reading about my dog? Please, please tell me NO... please...and if you are, please for the love of all things fluffy, just ignore me right now... I think I'm going through a funny girl phase...

xoxo Liz


venus said...

Awww... look at her... so sweet! I'm glad everything worked out.

So cute! I wanna just hug her!

Patti said...

No don't stop - I LOVE reading about your gorgeous little dog and her antics! Larry says that Gracie is our last dog and you know what? I believe him.
Lots of Love
Patti xxx

Shelly Atkinson said...

what a little cutie patootie....what happened? I enjoy my dog more than most people! I can relate!