Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Albino squirrel in my front yard!

I know you've all been waiting! ;o)

We love feeding our little neighborhood squirrels. We have "regulars" that visit us in the morning while we drink our coffee. We have a big jug of nuts by our front door and they come right up on our windowsill and BEG for those nuts.
We've seen some very amusing things over the years. Once we saw our "mama squirrel" move each one of her little babies, one at a time, to another tree. She had quite a bunch to move. During her last trip, she literally was stopping and trying to catch her breath every 10 feet or so! Another time we saw a squirrel pack his mouth with nuts so tightly that he could hardly walk! It was hysterical!

To our utter surprise and delight, an albino squirrel showed up the other day! I've never seen one before. At first we tried to be very quiet and not move much, but soon realized this guy was NOT SHY. He was very bossy, chasing the others away.
I googled "white squirrel" to find out for sure if this was indeed an albino, and he (she?) is. He has all white fur and pink eyes. Non-albino white squirrels have dark eyes and some gray on the head and down back.
Liz xoxo


Micki said...

Wow thats awesome, I absolutely adore squirrels my daughters nickname is 'squirrely' lol

Micki x

sarah said...

first time to your blog, and your work is so beautiful, and your technique, flawless

JillP said...

I have never, ever in my life seen an albino squirrel! AMAZING!
(By the way, I found you on Etsy and included you in my Meow Mix treasury) I love you work! Great blog!

Radiantik said...

Wow, it's the first time I see an albino squirrel :)) It's unbelievable!! Please check these photos in my blog, blooming magnolia and a newt