Friday, April 3, 2009

Kid and Laptop Love

While cruising through channels on tv, I came across Darius Zucker singing, "It Won't Be Like This For Long." I had tears in my eyes as I heard him sing about MY LIFE! My daughter Samantha is six and is very very attached to me. Sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed with it. And I have a 15 yr old daughter, Molly, who just got a JOB!!! She's on the other end of the spectrum and wants to be with her friends as much as possible. It really seems like yesterday when she was in love with me too! This song brought me back to life as it is NOW. I need to try to not let my life with my husband and kids slip by without notice. I need to enjoy the MOMENT. I don't need to think about art and biz and laundry and money every second! This is my personality (very high brain energy, LOL... wish it would be more PHYSICAL energy!). I needed to be reminded of this and Darius did that for me. :) It's the first song on my playlist here. If you listen to it carefully and have children, I bet you'll have tears too! Once your tears get going, then watch Christian the Lion video again and really let it rip!!!

On a lighter note, I bought a laptop (ebay) and am so excited! I knew I needed one for my biz.

I can see already how much more work I'll be able to do! When I first started selling online, I had no idea how much time is spent on the computer versus actually PAINTING! I bet I spend 90% of my business time on the computer and just 10% actually painting. I'd be curious to hear how other artists do on this. I think the laptop will help get my ratios at a better level. At least I hope so.



Lauren Alexander said...

I have my laptop on my painting table. I especially like to watch my emails roll in while I paint away. I love my laptop.